The Recording Equipment

At One Big Room we love to keep things simple and in working order. That’s why we prefer an RME Fireface UFX and Black Lion Audio AD/DA to capture your music. (*an AD/DA is and Analogue to Digital Converter – the device that turns the signal from your instrument and microphone into Zero’s and Ones for the recording software to process. It is a very important part of the signal chain).

A Yamaha O1V96 VCM 40-channel Digital Mixer is used as hardware router for all digital audio signals, which means NO LATENCY and excellent monitoring options with live effects.

The mixer has been upgraded to include the sought-after VCM Add-on Vintage Compressors, EQ and Rev-X Reverbs – stunning! These can also be used for outboard effects during mixing.

A Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro dedicated analogue channel is the main signal chain for the ultimate in modern and vintage vocal sound.

All audio goes straight into Cakewalk Sonar Platinum or ProTools 9 at 24bit, 32bit or 64bit, 44.1 kHz – 96kHz, better than CD quality. The studio is also compatible with Logic, Nuendo, Cubase projects via OMF or Wav / AIFF transfer.

Mobile / Location Recording of live concerts: We use an RME Fireface UFX and Black Lion Audio 30-track recording system for recording live concerts and albums in remote venues. We have recorded up to 54 tracks live with no issues using a synchronized recording system.

Recording Software
Cubase 9.5 Pro
Sonar Platinum Professional
AVID ProTools 9

Steven Slate Virtual Console Collection, Guitar Rig 5, Overloud TH2, Breverb, Izotope Nectar 2 Production Suite, Izotope Ozone 7 Advanced, Izotope Trash 2, Izotope Alloy 2, Sony Restoration, Lexicon, TC Electronics, SonitusFX, Blue Tubes and many many more. 650 plugins and growing..

All computer-based audio is via an RME HDSP9652 card, RME Fireface UFX, Black Lion Audio ADA8000 and Fostex AC2496 AD Converters.

Drum programming
Should you prefer to program your drums, we like Ocean Way, Steven Slate Drums, FXpansion,
Cakewalk Session Drummer 3, Cakewalk Studio Instruments, MyDrumsRock and Roland GrooveSynth etc.

Steven Slate Trigger Platinum
Dimension Pro
Making Waves
Digital Sound Factory Vol 1 – 13 sample library.
Digital Sound Factory EMU Proteus and MoPhatt Sets.

Software Synthesis
Over 200 virtual synths, including the entire Computer Music VST Collection (150 synths) as well as Z3TA+, Cakewalk Studio Instruments, Dreamstation2 DXi, Triangle2 DXi, Pentagon 1, PSYN 2, Cakewalk TTS-1, Roland, Edirol VSC,

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist and tons of Virtual World Instruments etc.

Thousands of drum, bass, keyboard, string and world-music samples are loaded on the system, ready to be used.

Sound Modules
Roland SC8820, Alesis Trigger I/O, Roland SPD8, Various toy keyboards incl Casio 1981 mini-keyboard, Yamaha V50 Vintage Synth.

1) Sonor 
Original 1975 Sonor Phonic 100 Year Anniversary Edition (Birch)
Original Anniversary Snare
24″ Kick
Four toms – 13″, 14″, 16″ 18″
Made in Germany, 40 years old, Mint condition
Remo Skins

TAMA Rockstar
Four toms – 10″, 12″, 13″, 16″ with floating-tom system.
DW5000 single pedal.
Original TAMA heavy-duty hardware.
Evans EQ3 bassdrum skins.
Remo Emperor Coated tom velums.
Evans and Attack snare velums.
Tama Tension Watch Tuning System

Sonor 1975 Anniversary Snare
Original Tama wood snare
Yamaha “Anton Fig” custom maple snare with wooden hoops.
Pearl “Chad Smith” signature snare.
Mapex Chromium 7″

Zildjian K-Series 20″
Zildjian Custom 20″
Planet Z 20″

Zildjian 18″ Avedis A Custom
Zildjian 18″ Dark Thin Crash
Zildjian 16″ Avedis A Custom Crash
Zildjian 15″ Dark Thin Crash
Zildjian 14″ K Crash
Wuhan 16″ Rock Crash

Sabian 12″
Zildjian 10″ Avedis
Zildjian 8″ K (x2)

Zildjian 14″ K Hats
Paiste 14″ Alpha Hats
Sabian 14″ Hats

Full 4 piece LP Percussion set (2 x Bongos, 2 x Congas)
3 x Tambourines
African Rainstick
Several small African / World instruments such as Marimbas, Mbira, Shakers, Bells
Pre-1950’s Vintage American-made Washboard (with washing instructions :O)

Microphone List

Modern Mics
CAD GXL 3000 Large Condenser
CAD GXL 1200 Pencil Condenser
Alliance Audio Prototype Omni Mics x2
(equivalent to Earthworks / DPA)
Rode K2 Valve Microphone (Condenser)
Rode NT1-A (Condenser)
Rode NT1 (Condenser)
Rode S1 x 2 (Condenser)
AKG C1000 x 2 (Condenser)
AKG C418 x 4 (clip-on Condenser)
AKG D112 kickdrum mic
Audix D6 kickdrum mic
Audix F6 kickdrum mic
Audix F5 Snare mic
Audix F9 Condenser (x2)
Audix F2 Tom mic (x3)
Yamaha NS10 “Sub-kick”
Shure SM93 Micro-Condenser

Classic and Vintage Microphones
Neumann U87 (x2)
AKG C451 (Condenser)
AKG D190
AKG D1200
AKG D202
Beyer Dynamic Ribbon M160
Beyer Dynamic Ribbon M260

Other very useful Microphones
Sennheiser 845
Shure SM58 x 2
AKG D770
SAMSON C01 (Condensor)

Many other classic mics can be obtained at nominal rental fees from various of the studio’s affiliates.

Preamps, Converters and Effects (hardware)
Black Lion Audio 8 Channel Pre-amp and AD/DA Converter (Custom-built in Chicago)
RME UFX 12 Channel Preamp and AD/DA Converter (As used by Coldplay etc)
Aphex 107 Stereo Preamp
Fostex AC2496 16 Channel Professional AD Converter
Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro Mono Vocal Strip
PreSonus Digimax LT 8-Channel Preamp
ART PRO MPA Stereo Valve Preamp
ART SGX Nightbass Studio Edition with tube pre-amp
Behringer Ultragain Stereo Valve Preamp (modified)
Yamaha i88X 18 Channel I/O Units (x 2)

Outboard Effects
Behringer V-Amp PRO Studio
Line 6 GuitarPort (with the new Gearbox Software) linked with an ART X-15 foot
controller for Wah, volume etc. – Monster realtime guitar and bass tones!
Marshall DRP-1 Preamp (x2)
Various Boss, Ibanez, Dunlop etc bass and guitar effects pedals (Eq, Chorus, Compressor,
Wah, Overdrive, etc)

dbx 166XL Analogue Stereo Compressor/Gate
Symetrix Mono Analogue Compressor/Gate
Radial ProDI/Re-Amper

Guitar and Bass Amps
Hartke 500W tube/solidstate head
Ashdown MAG 300 EVO II Head with Subharmonic Generator
Trace-Elliot 4×10 300 Watt bass cabinet
Trace Elliot 1 x 10 Bass Extender Cabinet
Marshall Valvestate 8080 Guitar amp (original British model) – best sounding Valvestate ever made!

Monitoring: Recording & Mixing
Yamaha HS80M + HS10 Sub. The new industry standard.
QUAD L2 mains. Award winning sound
Alesis Monitor One
Kenwood Mini-HiFi Speakers
Amplification by RS Electronics, Pioneer and Yamaha.
OzAudio Q-Mix 6×6 Headphone matrix amp
Samson S-Amp
Rosendahl MIF LTC Clock
AKG, Fostex, Vic Firth and Sennheiser Headphones x 10.

Monitoring: Mastering
Yamaha, Quad Monitoring

Keyboards/MIDI Controllers
Yamaha P45 88 key Fully-weighted Stage Piano
Roland 49 Key Midi Keyboard
Roland SPD8 Drum Pad

Things with strings

Ibanez Blazer 4-string bass with DiMarzio pickups, HipShot D-Tuner and Maple neck, Ash body.
Fender Squire Standard PJ Bass. Alder body, HipShot D-Tuner.
Custom 4-string Fretless Bass with Polyester resin fretboard, HipShot D-Tuner
Ibanez circa-1976 shortscale “SG” bass. Lots of fun!
Cort T35 Active 5-string

1998 Mexican Squire Telecaster (EMG passives)
Fender Squire Bullet Stratocaster
1981 Yamaha “Country Jumbo” Acoustic
Fender “1965 Kingman Reissue” Acoustic
SX Acoustic Steel (made by Fender)
Morris Mandolin
Aria Ukele
Oscar Teller 1962  Hand Crafted Classical Guitar

Hohner Blues Harp Set
Hohner Larry Adler Chromatic Harmonica
1937 Hohner vintage Harp (Original)

Yamaha and Tascam Tapedecks
SONY MiniDisc


Ozone 7 Advanced, Izotope plugins, Sony SoundForge 11.

Live Recordings
Our highly reliable live recording system has been used for eTV’s Standard Bank Joy Of Jazz Unplugged series featuring Fourplay (USA), Oumou Sangare, Sadao Watanabe (Japan), Blk Sonshine and many more international stars, Agape Worshippers, Stephan R, Mnet Rockspaaider Competition, and many other live recordings of concerts for DVD and CD release. We are currently capable of recording up to 54 audio tracks in a live scenario.