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Once one has gone through the entire process of recording one or more songs, or a concert album or Live DVD, it is inevitable that one song’s volume, bass and treble and so on will be a little more or less than the next. There might be problem frequencies that make small speakers (like iPod speakers, headphones, portable radios etc) distort or the songs might lack volume compared to other commercially released songs in the same genre. Sometimes thhe mixes are just a little dull, or unexciting. Mastering can handle all that.

Through a very special set of processes we are able to make your songs well-balanced, punchy, as loud as anything and acceptable by broadcasting standards.


Additional Mastering Functions:

Mastering is also the process whereby we decide on the spaces between each song on an album.
During mastering we “Tag” your CD or Song Files (Mp3, Wav etc) with song names and artist names plus any other “metadata” and we can even embed a video file or other multi-media files should you require so.

Whether you have recorded with us or your project was completed somewhere else and needs mastering, we master CDs and DVDs for many other recording studios…


Formats we accept for mastering:

In order for us to master your product properly, we need your final mixes in Stereo or SURROUND Wav, AIFF, FLAC or any other LOSSLESS format (NOT mp3, please!). The best is to export your mix for each song in exactly the format you recorded it in (i.e. 24 bit 44100Hz etc).

If you’re not sure, rather contact us before you do all the work of exporting and preparing your mixes for mastering.

What you get back from us:

You will receive the mastered product as a 2 x CD-R or DVD for printing purposes.

We will also include a set of high-quality mp3s to use in your email, reverbnation and all the other social media and marketing networks.

If you prefer, we can email the entire album montage or mastered files to you.

NEW SERVICE! Digital Tracking Meta Data:

Our service options now include ISRC, EAN and EAP Encoding (Digital Barcoding) as part of our Mastering Service. As we are members of the Gracenote Content Partner Program, we will also do automatic submission of your music to the International CD Database (CDDB). These are the “fingerprint” codes that broadcasters us to keep track of your songs for royalty collection and copyright issues.