Artists (Client List)

Please note, we are NOT a record company. We do not sponsor or sign artists.

Here follows a list of music projects recorded at One Big Room Studios (Current – October 2001). New projects are regularly added to the list.

James Nee – Turning Around
Phenomenal energy and vocal skills from Malawean gospel singer James Owen Nee. "Turning Around" will be hitting Gold sales status by mid 2016. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ludwig Bouwer at One Big Room Studios. Check him out on Facebook
Thili Maumela – Praise Him In Advance (Live CD/DVD)
Gospel artist Thili Maumela won the Mzansi Best Gospel Album for his album "Elelwani", recorded, mixed and mastered at One Big Room Studios. Now he is back with the live concert CD and DVD of that album called "Praise Him In Advance", again mixed and mastered at One Big Room Studios.
Richard Wills – Miracle Day
Pastor Richard Wills is blowing everyone one out of the water with his new album "Miracle Day". Grab a copy and find out why... recorded, mixed and mastered at One Big Room.
Xhihuhuri – Free Jazz Project
Blazin Gooch – Singles
Three TUKS FM 107.2 number ones in a row from Indie Rockers Blazin Gooch: "Carnage", "Drugs In A Zoo" and "Techno Junkie" all recorded and produced by Ludwig Bouwer at One Big Room Studios.
Hannes Oosthuizen – You Are
Christian rocker Hannes Oosthuizen has released "You Are" - a powerful message in song.
Azurdee & The Blue River Band – Kentucky Fried
Kentucky-raised Azurdee and her band of Country Rockers bring you their debut album "Kentucky Fried". Amazing voice and brilliant songwriting.
Neil Brannigan Tyrrell – Sun Of The Raven
Irish singer/songwriter Neil Brannigan Tyrrell has released his much anticipated follow-up single off his debut album "Sun Of The Raven" (coming end-April) to all digital stores.
Blu Lamp – Thanks Giving
The amazing fusion of jazz and gospel - one of the highlights of this year. Check it out!
Late Night Fox
Enter one of the most exciting bands in years...
Urban Dance rocketing up the charts. Mixed and Mastered at One Big Room Studios. 2013 – 2014.
Tellinger & Fresk – Deuce
Barbora Tellinger's voice and the phenomenal John Fresk on piano - the formula for magic.
Barbora Tellinger
Jazz Recital live at the Musaion Mixed and mastered at One Big Room Studios. 2013.
Fierce Application
This super-exciting pop act is set to do some good stuff in 2014.
Azurdee & The Blue River Band
All the way from Kentucky, USA, Azurdee knows how to enchant an audience with her energetic country/rock melodies and breathy vocals. Album currently in production at One Big Room. 2013 – 2014.
Die Melkman Se Kind – EP
Brilliant new Afrikaans alternative rockers. Full album coming soon. 2013.
Upon Apollo
Killer old-school hard rock. Debut single “Wolves” out now. 2013.
Gondwana Dawn
Gondwana Dawn, with double Grammy Winner Robin Hogarth / Sumitra Guha
From the swirling mists at the dawn of time come the ancient hymns of the Veda, and the spirituality of Africa.
Blazin Gooch
Modern Indi Rock taken to a new level.. First single "Techno Junkie" enjoying high rotation on SA's top rock station, Tuks FM. 2013.
The Lise Chris Band –White Lies
Ingenious and dynamic singer/songwriter Lise Chris has just released her third album, White Lies. Acoustic pop/rock with wry sentiments and energetic rhythms. Look out for this one... 2013.
Shotgun Tori – Are We Fine Yet?
5 song EP. Pure genius. Debut video single sitting pretty at Number One on the MKtv Top10 and nominated for an MKtv SOLO Award. Nice! 2012.
John and Ryan – For One As Beautiful As You
Frankie Fire -Seven
One of the most exciting rock bands to surface in a long time, Frankie Fire is getting serious attention with their debut EP "Seven". 2012.
Om Te Skryf (“To Write”)
2010 National Rockspaaider Semi-Finalists are kicking butt with their first two singles. They might still be at school, but they play like they mean business!
Abri van Straten & The Lemmings
Their third album "...imperceptible shift in the light...": The single "Rain" hit Number One on the Cashbox Magazine (USA) Indi Charts and has been sitting in the Top 10 on the Cashbox New Age Album charts for 21 weeks so far.
Deon van Vollenstee (Supersterre Top 10):
This mindblowing vocal talent is currently working on his new album. First singles due out late 2011, and album to follow in 2012 (Storm Records)
Desmond & The Tutus
The legendary, internationally acclaimed indie band chose One Big Room to record their Japanese "We Are Awesome" 2010 tour EP "Jive" - recorded in 8 hours, mixed in 12!
Float Parade – Under The Clouds
The follow up to their debut album and inspired by their tour of the USA , “Under The Clouds” explores a wider range of music styles.
Float Parade – Float Parade
A side-project of Nic Dinnie (Desmond and The Tutus) and Hugo Radyn (Nataniel, Charl Du Plessis), the phenomenal Float Parade has made a big impact their first single "Only In Summertime". Album ratings average 9/10. and the band is set to tour the USA in mid-2011.
A very hot new rock act from South Africa. Their 4-song EP is now available.
Countdown To The Red Carpet
The EP for the 2009 winners of Jip/MK Rockspaaider battle of the bands.
JiP MK Rockspaaider Singles and Winners Album
We have had the privilege to record one single for each of this year's Semi-Finalists in the JiP / MKtv reality series Rockspaaider.
Andra – Ever Had That Feeling…
"Ever had that feeling” picks up where her debut album “Secrets and Skeletons… Notes from a Desert Café”left off.
Mara Louw & The African Methodist Choir
Recorded live in a beautiful chapel, this album features legendary singer Mara Louw and her choir, singing traditional hymns... African style. An international release through ARC Music UK.
Adrian Poulsen – Heaven From Here
An album of classic love songs - from the Beatles to Queen and 10cc. Reworked and presented in a modern, laid-back style. Adrian Poulsen's magical voice carries this album forward. Songs were produced by Ludwig Bouwer, Marius Brouwer, DD Kriel, Heath Fouche and Ralph Martin. Mixed by Ludwig Bouwer. 2009
Colour Blind – My Identiteit
Colour Blind has been nominated for TWO MKtv Awards 2009/2010. Winners of the 2008 Jip /Rockspaaider battle Of the bands, Colour Blind may still be in school, but they play like complete profesionals. This album is going to turn many many heads. April 2009.
Andra – Secrets and Skeletons…Notes from a dessert cafe
News flash: in an article dated 13 January 2010 major South African newspaper BEELD lists "Secrets and Skeletons...Notes from a dessert cafe" as 14th on a Top 20 best South African releases of the previous decade. Voted one of the RSG Best New Comers for 2008, and famed critic Theunis Engelbrecht's Top 20 Albums of 2008.
Soweto Gospel Choir & The Agape Choir
Contributing to a project that features Bono, Alicia Keys, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Soweto Gospel Choir is always an honour! This soundtrack for the film Agape, We Are Togetheris lovingly produced by many interested parties. One Big Room Studios is proud to have done a very small part in this huge project by recording the song "ThinaSonke".This album recently peaked at No 6 on the Billboard World Music Charts. A film by Paul Taylor, Rise Films, UK. 2008
Jessika – SHOUT!
Nominated for SAMA 2009 Best Pop Album English! A Ludwig Bouwer / Musketeer Records co-production. 2009
Solid Chord – You Are Beautiful
Six voices from heaven! This smooth Gospel vocal group puts a unique African spin on styles similar to Take 6. 2009
Exit Stranger
These guys have talent! We had the pleasure of mastering their debut album. In stores soon! 2009
SMYLe – Various
Soweto Marimba Youth League:
Rhythm under African Skies
Being the change we want to see
Go Big or Go Home
Hands of Hope
Kamina Kawena
What a wild experience this was! We recorded this huge band live in a beautiful church in South Africa.
Vital Signs – Various Singles
Sonia Sinclair
Afrikaans-language Adult Contemporary new-comer, Sonia Sinclair, has completed her first three singles from her forthcoming debut album.
Robin Hogarth – Mood Afrika
Grammy Winning Producer/Composer Robin Hogarth has created a new solo album. Available from AFRODESIA MP3. Available September 2007. Mixed and mastered by Ludwig Bouwer, One Big Room Studios.
eF-eL – VeilgheidEerste
Raw, in-your-face punk-rock, with lyrics that describe life as a South African teenager to perfection. Their 2006 debut EP “Veiligheid Eerste” (“Safety First”) yielded THREE Top 10 Hits and three chart-topping music videos for the songs "Die Verlee", "Beter Boodskap: and "Elegie". Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at One Big Room Studios.
Marcel Caroto
This 19-year old has a voice that'll put many an experienced singer to shame.
Lucas Maree (and The Lemmings)
The "Kinders Van Die Wind" single debut'd on South African radio and TV in late March 2007. "Ouma Se Slim Kind" in South African cinemas from 11 May 2007.
Tribal Beatz (of Africa)
Grammy Winning Producer/Composer Robin Hogarth (Soweto Gospel Choir) and drummer Barry van Zyl (with The Johnny Clegg Band) have created this awesome album of African rhythms for a European release. Recorded in Cape Town, now being mixed and edited right here at One Big Room. Launching 6 November 2006. ARC Music UK.
Johnathan Martin and No Quarter – In My Blood
Serious rocker, JM, along with his new band No Quarter, is on his first solo effort after several years with legendary Piet Botha and Jackhammer. Imagine old school country rock meets Soundgarden..... Album out now!.
StixHojeng – Ko-Kasi
Congrats to Stix for achieving a Number 1 Position on the Kaya FM Jazz Charts with his song "Time After Time" from the album "Ko-Kasie"! When he is not crafting his solo masterpiece at One Big Room, this virtuoso of African Jazz plays piano for Ms. Miriam Makeba. Album out now!
SAER – Passport To Life
All the way from Peru, Latin pop-rocker Saer came all the way to South Africa to create his third album, "Passport To Life" here at One Big Room. His second album produced by Ludwig Bouwer, the new album is a blend of English and Spanish pop/rock and world music. Feb 2007.
The Michael Naicker Diaries Volume 2
If you thought his first CD was funny, you better hold on to your Bunny Chow..... Over 14 000 copies sold since December 2006. Out on EMI Music.
Kathy Raven
Her new live album "Love Seed", recorded at the famous Radium Beer Hall in Orange Grove. Brilliant musicianship and great original songs. Mixed and Mastered at One Big Room Studios.
Nica – Twyfel
Serious music from a serious female talent. This Afrikaans/English album was co-written by Abri van Straten and co-produced by Ludwig Bouwer. Out Now!
Evolver featuring Kahn (The Parlotones)
The new single and theme-song for Mnet TV Series "Snitch". Are we looking at yet another national hit here?.... Single and video out December 2006.
GHAPI – In Die Diepkant In
Offering original progressive rock in English and Afrikaans, Ghapi released its first single in January 2005. "Ekwiljou he" has climbed the charts on several national and local stations, including RSG Germany. Unlike so many other albums, different songs from the album are starting to be playlisted by different stations. Ludwig's composition "Wens" climbed all the way to #6 on the official OFM charts. Ghapi has recently been awarded Best Afrikaans Rockband 2005/2006.
Jip Rockhart Compilation
All digital editing and final mastering for this compilation. A collection of the biggest rock and alternative acts in South Africa. Now available in all good stores.
Bonekey – Heartsong
News flash: in an article dated 13 January 2010 major South African newspaper BEELD lists "Bonekey: Heartsongs" as 13th on a Top 20 best South African releases of the previous decade. In memory of legendary singer George Lotz of The Silver Creek Mountain Band, Ilse Lotz has taken up her father's flag. A truly special, almost completely live-in-the-studio bluegrass / country / Cajun album, featuring Ilse (vocals), Franco Jamnek (acoustic nylon-string guitar), WynandDavel (Violin) and veteran Mervin Davis (Mandolin and Banjo). Produced by Bonekey and Justin Smit.
All-girl rockers doing their stuff.
Sleep Chapter
Some hard-rocking original music on demo. This band has a lot going for them!
Recently hitting #1 on both 5FM and Highveld 94.7 with a home-demo, these guys have chosen One Big Room and Avenue Blue to record their debut album. Mid 2006.
Die Dobbelstene
Winners of the Beeld/JiP Rockspaaider 2005 Battle of the School-bands competition, this young 5 piece blues-rock outfit are laying down the tracks for their 8-track debut album. Lots of fun! Out Early 2006.
The Finkelsteins
A band that needs absolutely no introduction to anyone who listens to radio in South Africa. With a new album in the pipeline (to be produced by legendary Dave Birch in Durban), The Finks recently dropped in to record 14 new songs for demo purposes.
Ko-Ko – Insight
Ko-Ko–A Sunday Night Live At The Adlou
The unique sound of Ko-Ko, captured on both a live and studio album. Live album co-produced by Alwin van Niekerk.
These modern rockers from East London are cooking up a whole new sound. Exciting music, this four-song EP is out soon. Produced by Jagged with Justin Smit.
Modern rock band with strong songs and great vocals. Debut single out now.
Gospel Sounds of Africa – Excellent
The first of a series of eclectic albums, combining the styles and sounds of gospel musicians from several countries around Africa. Album 1 due end 2005.
A hardrock outfit that kicks serious butt! New single "Rearrange" in the style of Deftones, Rage etc. June 2005.
It took forever, and several incarnations of the band, but finally hard-rockers Failsafe are ready to release their very long-awaited album. With songs such as "Sublime", "I'm sorry" and "Contagious" already getting consistent airplay on TUKS FM as well as East Coast Radio, these guys are set for a big year. Out April 2006 on NOW Records, Australia.
Brenda Biddulph
Stunning new voice on the local scene, Brenda Biddulph and her band are venturing into their first studio project. The single "So maakjy my vry" is due for release July 2005.
Third World Running – Bush War
Intense does not begin to describe this artist. Imagine Tom Waitts with a modern ghetto/hip-hop groove singing songs like "Bush War" (about the US elections) and "Psychiatry Unfriendly" (any questions?!). Album due early 2005.
The Michael Naicker Diaries
Hilarious funnyman Kevin Perkins is taking the country by storm with his MaichaelNaicker persona. Available on cellphone networks, the 'Diaries are being created right here at One Big Room Studios, as they come off the top of Kevin's head!
Ezna Myburgh
Singer / songwriter Ezna chose our studio to create her debut album. Due Spring 2005.
Stefan Dixon
One of the most exciting new talents on the circuit. Watch out for this album. Due mid- 2005.
Seriously catchy rock. Single "Ordinary World" out now. April 2005.
Colin Taute
Singer/ Songwriter Colin Taute is currently in the studio recording his latest compositions. April 2005.
Bending Intellect
These youngsters from Johannesburg are thrashing it out on their first single. Be very scared! April 2005.
Progressive new rockband from Pretoria. CD available May 2005.
These youngsters from Johannesburg are working hard on their first single. Coming Jan 2005.
Hardrock outfit now signed to David Gresham Records. Single "Adrenaline", July 2004.
Airship Orange
Runners up in the national leg of the Global Battle of the Bands 2004, these guys recorded their first set of demos at One Big Room. Well done on the 2nd place, guys!
Campus Invasion 2004: Sovereign Entertainment Compilation
Featuring top SA bands Marlowe, The Finkelsteins, Perez, Nemesis, The Parlotones, Soil 7t7, BGF, Jimmy 12inch, Waverley, Prime Circle, Stock-X-Change. Compiled, edited and mastered at One Big Room Studios. June 2004. "The best album to come out of South Africa in 2004" - Barney Simon, 5FM /TUKS FM DJ
Fake Leather Blues Band
This talented bunch of pro's, all having a seriously good time with this brilliant and very unserious project. What started as a joke is now getting more big gig offers than they ever dreamt of. Two singles - recorded live in the studio in one evening: "Happy" and "Pretty Lady". June 2004.
The Parlotones
Signed to Sovereign Entertainment. The new single "Let's start a fight". June 2004. The Parlo's also regularly use One Big Room as a live recording facility for songwriting purposes.
Soil 7t7
New single "Going down" hit the Tuks FM top 5 in the first week of release. 2005. Soil's previous single, "Can't keep us down" went to #1 for 6 weeks on the TUKS FM 107.2 SA charts as well as the TUKS FM International Charts. Recorded May 2004.
Hot new rockband from Pretoria. Single "Stand", recently hit #4 on the official South African mp3 chart. May 2004.
Winners of the 2003 Beeld Rockspaaider school bands competition. 9-track album. May 2004.
Runners-up of the 2003 Beeld Rockspaaider school bands competition. 3-track single. May 2004. Receiving regular airplay on Radio RSG with "Al watoor is".
Josie Field
Featured on the Coca-Cola CoLab smash hit "Can you feel it building now" (with Tweak), this spectacular voice is currently creating some tracks at One Big Room.
Exciting new Indi Rockband. The singles “Bullet” and “Take Care”. Released 1 May 2004. Produced by Ludwig Bouwer and Soulmonkey
Duck and Cover EP
A four-song debut EP: This group of youngsters have their roots firmly in their parents record collection! A modern spin on Deep Purple and The ‘Stones. “Superstar”, their recent hit on Tuks FM made the public sit up and listen and was featured live on “Die Casper Rasper Show” (KykNet / Mnet). Winners of several battle-of-the-bands and “demo-races”. Engineered, produced and additional string arrangements by Ludwig Bouwer. 2002. The ballad "Home" is now featured in the highly praised new Plascon Paints TV campaign. (2005/2006)
The Abbots
Currently doing very well in the 2004 Emerging Sounds Competition. One of the most unique bands around. Now receiving airplay and acclaim nation-wide. 2004.
Latino pop sensation from Peru chose One Big Room Studios for his self-titled second album. Recorded and produced by Ludwig Bouwer from September – December 2002, the album is a pop-rock production which was released in early 2003. The CD launch at the famous Blues Room in Johannesburg broke all previous attendance records.
The African Drumming Project
Live in-studio recordings. March 2004.
Emily’s Blanket
Rockband Emily’s Blanket. Single “Circle of Life”. 2003.
Gustav van Eckardtstein
The singles “Your Going Away” as well as “Angel”. March 2004.
Gothic singer Ketra has chosen One Big Room Studios to mix her self-produced album. 2003 – 2004.
Blank Page
Hard rockers from Taiwan – wild stuff!
Citizen Kane
Hard grunge in its purest form. The singles “Sugar” and “End of Man”. “Sugar” reached Top 10 status and won several “demo battles” on cutting edge station Tuks FM in late 2003. Later, the 5 song EP received regular airplay on both Tuks FM and Barney Simon’s show on 5FM. Engineered and produced by Ludwig Bouwer. 2002.
Lebo Mogale
Legendary African-Jazz Saxophonist / Vocalist and his band The G7, recorded over three nights in July 2003 at The Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria for a live album entitled “Lebo live at The Sheraton”. Available in stores now.
Beyond The Pale
Their Debut EP “Without A Face”. 2003.
Soil 7t7
Tuks FM No1 hit “Woman” as well as Soil’s debut album mastered at One Big Room Studios. 2003. Available from Look&Listen nationwide.
Grey Matters
Winners of the 2002 Geraas “Vuurdoop” songwriting competition. This “Floyd-like” English / Afrikaans acoustic band uses liberal doses of classical orchestration and electronic textures. The winning songs were engineered, produced and arranged by Ludwig Bouwer. Full album “AgterHierdieEinders” is now available nationwide from Look&Listen. 2003.
Very hard hard-rock with a twist. 2002.
The Lemmings
Ludwig's own former band (1995 - 2001) now reformed. The two albums, "Live Space" and "Until Zen" were recorded before the existence of One Big Room Studios, but certainly make up a large part of the studio's history. The Lemmings toured extensively and performed over 3000 concerts, including in the UK and Sweden, giving Ludwig a solid understanding of what makes a band and a song tick. The song "Butterfly" from "Until Zen" has recently been chosen to feature on a new album, "African Salvation", which will be released early 2005. This album is a US project and will be available through the well-known Home-Shopping Network.
Believable Addiction
Single “Play”. Enjoyed extensive airplay on campus stations. Engineered and produced by Ludwig Bouwer. 2002.
The Coca-Cola PopStars Album 2002
The song “Irresistible” was written and produced by Ludwig Bouwer and Stephen Murray and made it to the shortlist for the official PopStars album (EMI / WarnerBros).
Classical Flautist / Pianist recording a collection of songs.
Lindsey Reyburn and friends
This live benefit performance was recorded in a church, utilising the full mobile potential of One Big Room Studios. Engineered by Ludwig Bouwer. 2002.
Clive van Kerckhoven
Songwriter Clive van Kerckhoven has had his song “The South Africa Song” featured on the Radio 702 morning show with Gareth Cliff, even though it was still in demo form. An ongoing album project. Engineered, produced and arranged by Ludwig Bouwer. 2002.
The John Cross Project
Christian Rock Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter John Cross is currently in production on his full-length CCM album. All programming, arrangements and bass guitars by Ludwig Bouwer. Engineered and produced by Ludwig Bouwer. 2002 – 2003.