About Us

“Upon entering One Big Room Studios you immediately become aware of the fact that this is a ‘working’ studio that’s constantly running and where artists will straight away feel at home”, “To tell you the truth, the guide vocals and guitar tracks already sounded much better than some of the finished products that I’ve heard in a lot of studios..” – Andre Kriel, Music Maker Magazine.

“Dude, you’re like the Arnold Swarzenegger of record production..!” – Shane, Desmond & The Tutus.

What We Do

One Big Room Studios is a complete music production, mixing and mastering facility. Whatever your musical or audio needs, whatever the language you sing in, we can most likely make you very happy. Whether you are a full-blown band with everything in place, or a solo artist with no songs, your own songs or someone else’s songs, we can write, produce, record, remix and master your music in just about any style.
If we feel we can’t, we won’t take the job.

Furthermore, we also have many corporate clients who use us for high-quality voice recordings and music for both Film, TV and Presentations.

We are proud to announce that we now also offer the following services:

CD and DVD Artwork Design

Album and Promo Photography

CD/DVD Printing (Replication) and CD/DVD Booklet Printing

Banner and Poster Design and Printing

Music Video, Concert Video and Music Documentary Production

Digital Store Submissions (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc).


Studio Rates

How much will all this cost you?
Every project is different. We have standard hourly rates, but how long a project will take and how much it will cost will depend largely on the artist, the genre, the size of the band and how professional the musicians are.

We prefer to sit with the client and figure the budget out before we quote on anything – this is our way to ensure that you get exactly what you are paying for.

So please give us a call, come visit, or send a mail for more info.

Please Note: All large bookings may qualify for a discount on studio time. Call now to book your recording dates.

General Info & History

Ludwig Bouwer

Ludwig Bouwer

One Big Room Studios is the brainchild of bass player / producer / sound engineer Ludwig Bouwer.

Designed to feel more like a cosy, hi-tech band-room than a commercial studio, the North-African decor and wooden styling combined with aluminium and glass creates an atmosphere of creativity and spontaneity. Air-conditioning keeps the African weather under control.

The facility caters for most music projects from The Performing Artist / Songwriter / Band to the Corporate Client (Jingles / Voice-Overs / Film and Television Music).

Built on a hill in Silverton Ridge, an up-market residential suburb of Pretoria, it is very central yet removed from the buzz and tension of the city. 5 minutes from the city of Pretoria and 35 minutes from Johannesburg, it is the ideal facility for the artist seeking a quality production in a relaxed environment.

What started as a simple hi-tech “band room” with top digital recording equipment in 2001 has now developed into a 60 square meter, three-room recording facility capable of audio productions of excellence in just about any genre. All but the most elaborate productions can be done at One Big Room’s own premises. The recording equipment is also completely mobile and can be used on location at live performances, sound stages and any other required location such as school halls, churches, seminar facilities etc. Albums such as Lebo Mogale live at The Sheraton and Faith Band International Live are witness to the live-capabilities of One Big Room.

Designed by owner Ludwig Bouwer, the studio features two live rooms. One (six meters by four meters) with a floating wooden floor and variable acoustics to achieve any of a great number of ambiences, from a rich natural reverb to an intimate and up-front sound. The other, a four meter by two meter isolation booth, features a well-insulated, acoustically dead environment designed for voice, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. A combination of the two rooms can also be achieved by opening the sliding doors between the rooms.

Please note that the studio is compatible with ProTools, Cakewalk Sonar, Logic, Reaper, Studio One, FruityLoops, Reason as well as Cubase/Nuendo via file-swapping (OMF format) or WAV/AIFF Audio.

An unusual and very popular feature of the studio is that it takes into account the excellent weather that South Africa enjoys in that both live rooms have double-glass windows overlooking a garden. These windows can even be opened when strict isolation is not required. This gives the artist and client natural sunlight and a welcome breath of fresh air and creates a relaxed, creative work environment.

One Big Room Philosophy

A civilization is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.”

I believe that the environment and “vibe” in the studio is more important than anything else. Yes, you need good equipment, and yes, you need as much knowledge and experience as you can gather, but all that is worth nothing if the artist is unhappy and uncomfortable while trying to create his masterpiece.

Secondly, and unlike many other smaller studios, we spent most of our initial budget on the room acoustics – one of the most important factors in any recording involving real drums and guitars. Software can do a lot, but a bad room will sound bad – no matter what you do with the software. Producers and artists in the rest of the world have known this for a long time.

The South African music industry will only grow to the degree that independent / young artists are helped and pointed in the right direction. In an industry where a mere demo is just not enough anymore, the opportunity to record broadcast quality material at an affordable rate lets more artists onto the playing field which in turn opens up endless possibilities in terms of career development, export etc. Once the artist is on the way to a viable music career, he or she is free to sign to a major label or remain independent within or outside of South Africa.

To facilitate all this, we offer more than just a good recording. We offer a top-notch studio and expertise at very competitive recording rates. Assistance in artistic decisions as well as in live productions and showcases, plus access to high-quality CD reproduction and inlay design services through my network of contacts are all part of the service. Ludwig Bouwer – Owner, One Big Room Studios

Our Partners

Production Assistant: Darren Terry:
The latest addition to the pack, Darren brings a young, fresh view, spectacular guitar skills, excellent songwriting abilities and creativity to One Big Room Studios. But we actually hired him for his solid tea-making skills ;O)

Session Musicians:
We have a massive database of the finest session musicians in South Africa and abroad. Whatever you need, we can find someone to play it for you on your production.

Beats for Hip Hop & Rap music:
We also have a pool of several very talented young Beat makers for Hip Hop, R n B and other Urban music styles who assist us in creating cutting-edge tracks.

In-Studio Video:
You have asked, and we have delivered. Choose from several top-notch videographers to capture your creative process and music performances in the studio. Several packages available depending on budget.